Counter Strike 1.6 Download

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Counter Strike 1.6 Download - This is a default Counter-Strike 1.6 game client,inside you will find a huge list of the CS 1.6 servers, the standard game settings and optimized settings for FPS and PING, which will allow you to play this game without any distractions.
If you are going to play CS 1.6 for the first time, probably do not know that this game is one of the oldest FPS games. However, although Counter Strike 1.6 is an old game, it is still very popular and has a wide circle of players with whom you'll be able to play in multiplayer mode. Do not be discouraged if you do not have an Internet connection at home, this game has a singleplayer mode (play against/with bots (CPU players)).
Counter Strike 1.6 game in its history has earned a lot of awards, recognized as the best FPS game of all time and has a lot of mod's, i will present two most popular modifications with descriptions and pictures:

counter strike 1.6 download,cs 1.6 download,counter strike download
Zombie Plague MOD
These CS 1.6 modification will allow you to feel like the famous movie "The Walking Dead" hero. Goal of the game: Humans and zombies are fighting against each other. In a random way at the beginning of round one player is selected to become the first zombie and he must infect more people, people have to protect themselves and save the world from a zombies invasion.
counter strike 1.6 download,cs 1.6 download,counter strike download
JailBreak MOD
In this beautiful CS 1.6 Mod players are divided into two groups:
Cops (Counter Terrorist's)
Prison Break (Terrorist's)
Goal of the game: Prison Break must "nicely" and successfully kill the cops and escape from prison.

Counter Strike 1.6 have much more fun and interesting modifications, but I do not think it is very interesting to read about them (better to try them), so I have described only the two most popular modifications. Good luck playing Counter Strike 1.6 game.

Counter-Strike 1.6 download link's

You can download Counter-Strike 1.6 from a direct link or through torrent client. We will provide both options.
My internet connection is slow i want to download CS 1.6 using torrent,but i don't know how to do this!
Do not despair, because we will explain how to do it!
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3. Download CS 1.6 torrent file.
4. Open it,click ok or press enter key and wait for download finish.
5. Enjoy!

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